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Steven M. Whitmore


Shaper of Wood ~ Student of Guitar and Music ~ Teller of Stories

A Story or Two to Tell......

The first home I remember was a little brick house on Rochester Street in Speedway, Indiana. My Brother David and I literally lived right outside the fence of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We were little kids, but we knew the sound of an Offy from the sound of a Lotus. The Speedway was different then, and it was magic.

I studied art at John Herron Art Institute when it was down on Talbot Street, I was an undisciplined young man with no clear direction. I learned a great deal but did not graduate.


I found some success as a young athlete racing bicycles. Racing was very interesting in Indianapolis in those days. "Breaking Away" was real, and Central Indiana breeds great bicycle racers for some reason. I was privileged to ride among them and remember some of them well.  I loved racing, but even after the Major Taylor Velodrome established track racing in the city, I wasn't getting anywhere. I asked the U.S. Army for assistance, and they obliged.


Upon Enlistment, I went in as an Infantry Soldier with the 101st Airborne Division. When I left, I retired a Chief Warrant Officer and a Senior Army Aviator. In addition to my proud service as a "Screaming Eagle" in the Sinai, I have served with the 3rd Armored Division during Operation Desert Storm, and with the 3d US Cavalry in Bosnia-Herzegovena and during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Al Anbar Province 2003-2004. I am proud of my service to the Nation.

After the Military, I graduated  with Honors from Regis University in Denver, Colorado. I was pursuing a Master Degree with the University of Denver when fate and circumstance moved me to Southern California.

I did quite a bit of track racing after the service. From 2005 to 2017, I raced for Excel Sports Boulder and Hammer Racing of Colorado. I raced  in National, Regional and Local Championships and lots of individual track events.

I currently reside in Southern California where I am busy trying to show others what I have learned and seen as I whittle on a piece of wood.

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