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Steven M. Whitmore


Shaper of Wood ~ Student of Guitar and Music ~ Teller of Stories

Racing Bicycles
When I was a boy, my Father took mt brother and myself to a bicycle race. It was a cold, rainy day at Fort Ben Harrison in Indianapolis, I still remember watching the Stetina brothers and Steve Dayton demonstrate what real bicycle racing looked like. I was hooked.

Since that day, I have trained, raced and maintained a bicycle racing enterprise. I have worked as a Mechanic in a couple of very good shops, and I have kept a stable of racing machines and cool, old bikes. You learn a lot that way.

I am especially fond of Benotto bicycle from 1970 to the early 1980's. I specialize in track related activities and equipment.

Thank you for letting m,e share my knowledge of racing, training, mechanics and equipment spanning back to the days when Merckx, Moser and DeVlaemink were winning everything.

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