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Benotto Tandem: A Most Unusual Benotto: Part 3

The Story Continues.....

I never was a big fan of tandems. I am, and have always been, a solitary rider. Why do tandems keep entering my life?

I haven't put 5 miles on this bike since I took ownership three years ago. Before writing this piece I spent some time with the bike so I could reflect on this bike and our journey. I realized I am very fond of this bike.

I am going top commission a fork for the bike so that it can be safely ridden. Wait until you see what I have come up with. I found a builder in Minnesota that has old Cinelli tandem fork parts. This builder has a style that honors the great builder Cecil Behringer. He can build a fork that would be identical to those found on a classic Pogliaghi tandem. It is not going to be free. It will be worth it. I promise to write of the experience. 2021 seems a good year for this to happen.

I have been away from writing now for a couple of months. During that time I have been pleased to see lots of folks stopping to read my stuff. By far, the most interest is in Benotto bicycles. There appears to be a significant interest in these bicycles from all corners of the world. This is something that would Giacinto Benotto would have loved. I never met him, but remember his passing. Everything I have ever learned about his entrepreneurship would indicate that he would be "tickled pink" with all this attention.

Happy New Year Benotto fans!


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