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Drew Carey in Iraq 2003-2004: What a Great Guy!

Mimi and the rest of his crew too!

Drew could have picked any Rank he wanted. He chose Chief Warrant Officer Two. He chose wisely.

I ran across a couple of my old computers the other day. I booted it up, and the next thing I knew, it was Christmas in July!

I found thousands of pictures that I thought were gone for the ages. this picture was in with them. I had a few memories hit my mind when I saw this image. I thought I would share them here.

You cannot tell by this picture, but it is hotter than hell there. Everyone is in the shade of a structure, so they are not in pain, but it is hot.

There are alot of "Staff Officers" here. These lucky folks are around for things like a visit from Drew Carey. If you look carefully, you will see some real Joe's though. Look for sunburns, worn boots, and flight suits. I see a "seasoned" Crew Chief/Gunner I flew many hours with just to Mr. Carey's right. If a Trooper were too dirty or tired, they would have missed this photo op. Everyone knew he was coming so we cleaned up.

This is Al Asad before it was the monster base we left in April 2004. We built an effective support base for Western Iraq out of a bombed out shell. I later heard it called "Camp Cupcake". I don't think we had water the first month or so. We had MRE's for a very long time after that. We flew long days and long nights. I do not remember many "Cupcakes". It was not safe outside the gate. It was safer in the air, but just like the ground, there was death.

Drew Carey and a Troupe of Comedians came to visit and entertain us. They flew all over Al Anbar Province meeting members of the 3d Cavalry Regiment when it was very uncomfortable, and unsafe to do so.

I say again. Drew Carey and a Troupe of Comedians flew all over Al Anbar Province to meet with Troopers when it was very unsafe to do so. They did this willingly. I know they knew it because I was present when we provided them flight safety briefs. We openly loved them for it.

Please keep in mind that most of us "Line Dog" type of Soldiers were witnessing high ranking folks flying into Iraq for a few hours to get another month of tax free pay. These people seldom left Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) in my observation. These "Entertainers" were making us feel we were important. This particular group did something more though. they risked their rather well known necks for us. Cavalry Troopers like that stuff.

Drew Carey and this gang flew out West. This was enemy country, and they were aware. We did not get visits where we were at because you had to thread through Ar Fallujah, and Ar Ramadi to get there, and you were surrounded by places like Hit, and Haditha, and Ar Baghdadi. This wasn't Hollywood, that was certain.

It was a special effort. We could tell you cared. Thanks for visiting.


"Stetson 10"

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