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Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Thank you for visiting. I would like to share my love of Art, Literature, Music, Aviation and Bicycle Racing with you.

I have tried to learn a bit about these things in my life. Some of it might be handy to someone. I certainly hope so.

I was raised by an accomplished Artist and Teacher, as well as an English Teacher that loved to teach writing. I enjoy making things out of pieces of wood and writing tales. I've been studying guitar and music for several years now with an excellent Instructor. I am a retired U.S. Army Infantry Soldier and Combat Helicopter Pilot who has been racing bicycles, especially track bicycles, since about 1974.

I learn the hard way. I've made many mistakes, both in life, and with stuff. I am just an average guy with all these things, but I may know something helpful to you. I hope so.

I do have a long institutional knowledge of Benotto bicycles available to anyone with a question.

I would like to keep this place just like my demeanor when I was a professional Soldier.......There will be no discernible political positions expressed please.

Again, thanks for coming by. Let's visit....


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